Split System Air Conditioners Have a Number Of Advantages

Having a split system air conditioner in Shoalhaven has a nice list of benefits. When you have air conditioning installed in your home, you help keep it comfortable during the heat of the summer, but you can also prevent certain health conditions by regulating the temperature in your home or business, including heatstroke.

Here at Jervis Bay Air Conditioning, we specialise in all types of air conditioners, including split air systems. Keep reading to find out why they’re such a great choice.

They Work Quickly

One of the best advantages to having a split system air conditioner is that they work quickly. That means you can use them to regulate the temperature in a timely manner, providing relief almost right away. That means quickly getting a comfortable feeling in your home, even when it’s very hot outside.

Easy to Control

Another reason why split system air conditioning is so great is that it allows you to easily control how much cool air is being used in each room of your house. This can often be done using a remote control. You can deliver the cool air precisely where it’s needed, keeping you from wasting money to cool spaces that aren’t needed.

They are Cost Effective

Split system air conditioning systems are one of the most cost-effective options out there. Not only are they affordable to install, but they’re also affordable to operate. The indoor and outdoor units are generally connected via a small network of wires, which means very little work will need to be done to your house to get it ready for installation. You can also combine a split system unit with solar power, further controlling your costs.

Low Maintenance

While you do need to practice good maintenance on your split system air conditioner, it won’t require much work to get the job done. You can easily clean and replace the filters from the outside unit without making a service call. However, we can do yearly or twice yearly maintenance and service, as recommended by the manufacturer.

They Can Heat Too

Another ideal benefit of a split system air conditioner is that many of them can also provide heat in your home as well as cool air. That means you can use the same unit year-round, no matter the temperature outside.

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