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Since 1982, Jervis Bay Air Conditioning has supplied market-leading air conditioners from the best brands on the market. We are not only the biggest Daikin dealers in the Shoalhaven region, but also an accredited LG dealership. This means our clients get the best possible prices on any products from these two world-renowned companies. Read on to see some examples of the cost-effective and cutting-edge units on offer.

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Residential Air Conditioning

From our long background in the air conditioning industry and more than 35 years experience in the local area, we are able to offer all aspects of design, service and installation of air conditioning equipment for domestic applications. At Jervis Bay Air Conditioning our highly skilled team will design and construct an air conditioning system that will not only meet your expectations, but also exceed the current Australian Standards.

What distinguishes between a good air conditioning system and a bad one, is design. LG and Daikin produce a number of models suitable for homes and budgets of all sizes. Contact us here for more information.
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Commercial Air Conditioning

Jervis Bay Air Conditioning provides a wide range of new units, spare parts and accessories used in commercial work. All solutions are tailored to suit each facility and the customer's requirements.

Given the sheer volume of usage in commercial applications, the design of the system is extremely important. Commercial units are generally larger, more complex and require more power as they are cooling or heating a much bigger space. All of our suppliers manufacture units specifically designed to meet these requirements.

When you purchase your new system from our team, a representative will visit your site or meet with you to go over your plans, the available space and your budget. You will be given advice on the best possible options and systems for your needs. This includes any additional housing or ventilation systems that need to be fabricated. Contact us here for more information.

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Single split air conditioning system - Shoalhaven
Split system air conditioners are one of the most versatile, clean, quiet and economical forms of air conditioning available on the market. The indoor unit can be situated on the wall, floor or attached to the ceiling with refrigerant pipework and electrical wiring connecting to the outdoor unit.

The main benefit of split systems is they are whisper quiet, extremely efficient and simple to operate. Most brands manufacture both cooling only and reverse cycle models (providing cooling in summer and heating in winter) and incorporate a host of innovative features. They also come in very elegant and unobtrusive designs, with appearances that blend with the modern décor. Contact us here for more information.
Conventional air conditioners operate at a set speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating, stopping and starting as the temperature changes. Inverter type split systems, however, gently increase or decrease in power. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system is able to maintain the temperature without major fluctuations. That means uninterrupted comfort and significant power savings.

Split systems from Daikin and LG models have a host of features to provide for additional comfort and convenience, which may include:
  • Wireless remote controls with liquid crystal display
  • 24 hour on/off programmable timer
  • Sleep mode auto-control
  • Deodorising & air purifying filters
  • Airflow direction control
  • Hot-start controls in heating mode
  • Self-diagnostic functions
  • Anti corrosion treatment on outdoor units
  • Easy care & maintenance
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Multi Split Systems AIR CONDITIONING

Multi Split systems are split systems with more than one internal unit connected to an external compressor. LG and Daikin manufacture products with between 2 and 7 internal units which are able to heat or cool multiple rooms independently.

As in standard split systems, internal units can be mounted on the wall, at floor level, on the ceiling or as a cassette. The compressor is then placed at an appropriate location just outside the building.

Efficiency and output to individual rooms may be decreased if operating more than two outlets at once. It is vital that you decide which rooms, if any, need to be heated or cooled simultaneously, and choose a system which can cope with this demand. Our team will be happy to provide expert advice in this regard. Contact us here for more information on our multi split systems.

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Ducted Systems

Jervis Bay Air Conditioning can supply and install a range of quality ducted air conditioning systems. These systems from Daikin and LG are powered by highly efficient condensing units located outdoors.

As with other split system models, the outdoor condensing units are located away from the indoor fan coil unit, so they produce almost no noise. Inside, the air flows quietly through unobtrusive ceiling or floor vents, thus providing the year-round comfort conditions you've always desired. Ductwork from the indoor unit, usually mounted in the ceiling, can run virtually anywhere you wish in your house or commercial building, and is only limited by the layout of the building.


Jervis Bay Air Conditioning uses only quality fittings, including:

  • Flexible acoustic aluminium ductwork with 40mm insulation, aluminium ceiling diffusers with semi gloss white powder coat finish
  • Insulated manufacturer-specified heavy wall copper, connecting the indoor & outdoor units
  • Wiring in accordance with the SAA wiring rules & local supply authority requirements.

A fully ducted split system is generally a large investment, but you will be rewarded with perfect temperature control all year round, together with extremely quiet operation and improved indoor air quality. Thermostats, time-clocks and zone controllers can be used in different configurations to give you greater flexibility, comfort and most importantly, increased energy efficiency. Please contact us for a price estimate on a ducted system.
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