The Australian summertime can be overwhelmingly hot unless you have an air conditioner. The majority of Australian homes do have some sort of AC unit, but unless you have been careful with your selection, the air conditioning in Nowra may not be large enough to cope with your needs.

Jervis Bay Air Conditioning want to explain to you exactly why unit size is so important. 

Maximising your output

When you are running an AC unit during the summer months, you can quickly build up a substantial energy bill. This is particularly true if you have a unit which is too small for your rooms.

The unit has to work extra hard, and for longer periods of time, in order to get the cooling experience you want. 

Reducing excess use

If you have an air conditioner which is too large, then you may face a similar energy bill problem, causing it to cool down rooms too quickly, and turn off without completing the cooling cycle.

This results in a cycle of too-fast cooling, the room heating up again, and more cooling needed. This can eventually lead to excessive use of power. 

Is this related to house size?

You might not even connect the size of rooms in your house to problems with heating at cooling at first, but the size of your house, and of individual rooms in particular, have a big effect on what type of AC unit you need.

Jervis Bay Air Conditioning can offer you advice about the relationship between your house and your rooms when it comes to AC use.

Other related factors

There are also other factors, such as insulation in your home, or the age of your roof, which can also affect the type of unit that you will need.

Poorly insulated homes tend to heat up more quickly than modern premises, for example. 

How to find the right size

There are a few ways to discover for yourself what size AC unit you need, but if you are looking for the very best in air conditioning in Nowra, then you may want to ask a professional team.

Jervis Bay Air Conditioning can help you get the most from your AC unit choices, so if you have any questions about size, or your home's cooling requirements, contact us today.

You can speak to the team today by calling 02-4441-7774 now.