A/C Unit Not Working? You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair

If you need air conditioning repair in Shoalhaven, look no further than Jervis Bay Air Conditioning. We can help you with a wide range of problems so that you always have an air conditioner that works like it should.

One of the biggest complaints people have is that their unit is running, but there’s no cool or no warm air coming out. There are a few reasons this might be happening, and we can help you figure it out and get it fixed.

Dirty Air Filter

Luckily, this is a pretty easy fix. If you don’t clean your air conditioner’s air filter on a regular basis, it can’t cool properly because it’s blocked by debris and dust. Cleaning your air filter should be a regular part of your maintenance schedule. Cleaning is great, but you should also replace the air filter according to the manufacturer directions for the best results. Check your filter often and clean or change it as recommended.

Dirty Components

Your air filter isn’t the only part of your unit that can get dirty. Check the outdoor components as well and be sure they are clean and free of debris. You can gently clean your air conditioner condenser with your garden hose, but don’t use a strong spray of water, which can cause damage. You should do this on a regular basis, or you could be lacking cool airflow in your house.

The Wrong Setting

Many air conditioning units have a fan setting that isn’t the same as cooling. The fan mode merely circulates air without cooling it. Check your air conditioner thermostat and be sure it’s switched to AC and not just the fan setting. At the fan, or on the setting, the unit will blow continuously instead of just when your home needs to be cooled. Keeping your AC on the auto setting is your best bet for a properly cooled home.

When to Call the Pros

If these issues aren’t the problem, it’s time to call the experts here at Jervis Bay Air Conditioning. We can replace refrigerant, repair ducts that are leaking, fix your cooling system’s compressor and diagnose and repair other problems keeping cool air from flowing in your home. Don’t attempt these repairs yourself or you have a higher risk of further damage and costly repairs.

When you need air conditioning repair in Shoalhaven, give us a call. Jervis Bay Air Conditioning can help with all of your cooling needs, both residential and commercial.