If you need a new cooling system, opting for a split system air conditioner in Shoalhaven just makes sense. Here at Jervis Bay Air Conditioning, we are experts in all kinds of systems, but we especially love split systems. There are plenty of benefits from this choice and we are happy to share them with you here. Once you see what they are, you’ll be ready to choose on for your home.

Lowers Energy Costs

When you aren’t worried about heat exchange, like you would with other types of air conditioning units, you will naturally save more money. A split system utilizes both an indoor and an outdoor unit, allowing you to cool only where you need to instead of the entire house at one time. Without the ductwork, there’s less risk of energy loss, which means you can lower your energy costs and still cool your home at the same time.

Offers Climate Control

When you aren’t using your split system air conditioner for cooling your home, you can use it for climate control. If you opt for a unit that has heating features, you can use the system year round to keep your home’s temperature regulated. Not only is this ideal for your comfort levels, but it also protects your weather when it’s very hot or very chilly outside.

Lots of Flexibility

Another reason why split system air conditioners are so popular is because they offer plenty of flexibility. You can cool each room individually, using its own unit. This is handy if you have rooms that you use a lot and rooms that you don’t use often. You can cool where you spend your time and save money by keeping the other areas a bit warmer. You can set up zones with their own thermostats so you can keep each room of the house at the precise temperature you want it at.

Quiet and Easy to Maintain

A split system air conditioner operates much more quietly than box fans and other methods of cooling your house. Once it’s turned on, you won’t notice it because it doesn’t rattle or force air loudly through ductwork. At the same time, it’s easy to maintain so you won’t have to think about it too much. We’re here to do routine maintenance and help you troubleshoot if you have issues.

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