For most homes, the one thing that you absolutely need to have up and running during the hot summer months is air conditioning.

Living in a country like ours, you know exactly what kinds of temperatures to expect in the hottest parts of the year, and air conditioning is definitely the easiest and most efficient way to keep cool when you are lounging around at home and trying to sleep at night. 

Here at Jervis Bay Air Conditioning, we think that all homes should be able to enjoy air con at the warmest points of the year, and you can make sure that you achieve this by keeping your costs as low as possible.

Here are some great tips for keeping your air costs down with air conditioning in Shoalhaven.

  • When possible, try to do as much of your cooking outside as possible. Summer is a great time for BBQs after all! The more you cook, the higher your internal temperature is going to be, which will make the air con kick into overdrive to try to cool the house down sufficiently.

  • Make sure to check that all of your windows are properly sealed around the home. If there are cracks and leaks in the sealant, it will have a negative impact on keeping the cool air inside and will result in more being pumped out unnecessarily. This makes your air conditioning unit work harder, increasing your energy bills.

  • Get into the habit of using ceiling fans at the same time as the air conditioning, because the extra assistance will keep areas of your home cooler and result in the air con system not having to work quite as hard.

  • Do your best to reduce the sunlight that is allowed into your home. This can be done by closing your curtains in upstairs areas and in rooms that you aren’t currently using in. This will help to keep spaces naturally cooler. You might also consider window shutters or even sails.

  • If you have the means to do so, it can always be helpful to install solar panels on your property, as the energy created from them can help to power things like the air con.

If you are interested in new air conditioning in Shoalhaven, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

There will always be a member of the trained and experienced team on hand to answer any questions that you might have and sort out initial appointments.

We very much look forward to being able to set you up!

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